Tuesday, October 16, 2012

one month

how has it already been one month?
sam is already getting so big! i can't believe how fast they start to grow and develop. 
i'm not gonna lie it makes me a little sad to see him grow so fast but i love getting to spend all day everyday with my happy little man. 

sammy boy at one month:

- i still think you have your days and nights mixed up a bit but you are such a great sleeper. you wake up a couple times during the night to eat and then you back to sleep. you went about a week with a really stuffy nose and didn't get much sleep at all. that was awesome for mom and dad. but you are back to normal and sleeping great.
-you absolutely love to be held. you would sleep in our bed with one of us holding you all night if you could. such a little cuddle bug. i love it!
-you had jaundice when we brought you home and you had to go on a bili blanket. we had to take you to the doctors every day to get your blood drawn until your levels were back to normal. not fun for mom but you handled it like a champ. 
- you were a little unsure about the bath situation at first but you love it now. you totally zone out when you're in the tub. it's kind of the cutest thing ever. your favorite is getting your hair washed. 
-you are so strong! you can hold your head up on your own and are so close to rolling over. 
-you nurse great and can go from nursing to a bottle very easily. which is so nice for mom and dad. 
-love love love car rides. 
-when you're hungry you just grunt at us until you get out attention but you don't really cry much. 
-you smile in your sleep all the time and have just barely started to smile at us while you are awake. 
-still wearing newborn clothes but i think in a few weeks you'll be ready for 0-3. 
-you are starting to get even more of that dark hair. i love it. mainly because that's about the only think you got from mom. 
-you also have mom's olive skin. everything else is all dad.
-you love your binky. 
-your hands are ALWAYS by your face. we have to keep little mittens on you 24/7 to keep you from scratching your face. 
-we took you to get newborn pictures at one week and you handled it like a champ. slept through the whole thing. 
-you're starting to find your tongue. we'll stick our tongue out at you and you'll stick out your tongue back at us. 

we love you baby boy and feel so lucky to be your parents. after having you i have decided that i want all boys. 4 more of you and i'm set. you are absolutely perfect to us and we can't wait to continue to watch you grow. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

our baby boy is here!

i have absolutely no clue how people keep up with their blogs once they have kids. 
life has been crazy around here. in the best way possible. 

samuel morgan webb was born on september 10th, 2012
7 lbs 4 oz of chubby cuteness
19.5 inches long
born at 10:52 pm

best day of our lives. 

sam has been an absolute dream! he has quickly become the love of our lives and ben and i often find ourselves just staring at him admiring how perfect he is. i have been meaning to write down his birth story and am just now getting around to it. caring for a newborn has kept me a lot busier than i anticipated. so here it goes...

sunday night (sept. 9th) i was up all night with horrible back pain. this was really nothing new though. i had kidney problems throughout my entire pregnancy causing me to have severe back pain on my left side about three times a day. but this was the worst it had ever felt. ben and my mom were up with me all night. i finally called the on-call doctor at about 6am. he suggested i go to the hospital to get checked out. i'm not sure why, but i decided to stick it out and wait till 8am to talk to my doctor. i called my doctors office at 8 and talked to the nurse. she talked to my doctor and they agreed that i needed to come in to be induced that morning. engage panic mode. i was SO so excited but so scared all at the same time. i couldn't wait to meet our baby boy but giving birth terrified me. this is something that i had never gone through and i had no idea how my body would handle it. but ben was so wonderful and calm. he changed out of his work clothes and finished packing our hospital bag as well as sam's diaper bag and then gave me the sweetest blessing and off we went. 
we got to the hospital at about 10:15am and they started me on pitocin about an hour later and then the waiting began. i had the greatest nurses the entire day. they were so caring and took such great care of us. i think they could tell that i was nervous so they made sure to slowly walk me through each part of the process and distracted me while my IV was put in. my contractions kicked in about an hour after i was started on the pit but i didn't feel them at all. the nurse had to come in and tell me that my contractions were getting more regular. waiting around was kind of rough. first of all, you're not allowed to drink anything even though you're dying of thirst. what the? secondly, those hospital beds are not the most comfortable beds around so it was hard to not just stare at the clock waiting for our little man to get here. my mom went and bought like a million magazines for me to keep me distracted and ben pulled up his chair to me bed and talked to me the whole time to keep me preoccupied. ben's parents arrived at the hospital around 2:30pm and stayed with us the whole day as well. at about 3:30pm i asked for the epidural. i still couldn't really feel the contractions but i knew i wanted it and didn't want to risk waiting until it was too late. 
craig was our anesthesiologist and he was seriously amazing! i love that man. the epidural was what i was most scared of. i think i watched one too many baby shows with horror stories about epidurals. whoopsies. but he was so calm and collected and made sure to walk me through the entire think and keep me distracted. the nurse had me sit on the side of the bed with my legs hanging off and hold on to her shoulders while i rounded my back. i felt a sting when he numbed me and then just felt pressure. ben talked to me the entire time and reminded me to breath. the first spot he tried didn't take so he had to move a little bit further down my spine and try again. not ideal but it wasn't too bad.  i'm not gonna lie, i was pretty proud of myself. i thought i would be a wreck. i hate shots. but i handled it like a champ. after he was finished giving me the epidural, he stuck around for about a half an hour just to make sure everything was working properly. it took about 15 minutes and then i literally couldn't feel my legs. weird feeling. but at least i knew it was working. in the last few months of my pregnancy i really did go back and forth on whether or not to get an epidural. mainly because i was just really nervous about the whole sticking-a-needle-in-my-spine situation. but it really was the best decision and i am so glad i did it. it helped me to be more relaxed and enjoy the whole experience that much more. i guess it's not for everyone but it worked for me. 
up until i got the epidural i had only progressed to about a 2. however, after i got the epidural i started to progress and dilate really quickly. because i progressed so quickly my epidural didn't have chance to completely kick in. i worked in the sense that i was numb but i started to really be able to feel my contractions towards the end. not fun. but looking back, it was kind of neat to be able to experience some of those contractions and feel my body working to bring sam into this world. at 6 pm dr. leavitt came in to break my water. didn't feel it at all. at about 7pm my my belly started to feel a little odd and the nurses noticed that i had hard large lump at the top of my stomach. i could feel sam moving around a lot in there and the nurses brought in dr. leavitt to do an ultrasound because they were worried that he had turned and was now breach. dr. leavitt came in and did the ultrasound and everything turned out to be just fine. sammy boy had just decided to stick his little bum out as far as possible.  after that i kept on steadily progressing and was at a 10 by about 9:15. the nurses had me continue to labor for about an hour after that so i wouldn't have to push as long when it was time to push. 
at about 10pm dr. leavitt came back in and i started to push and sam made his debut at 10:52 pm. he came out and started to cry and it was the best, sweetest noise i have ever heard. i was so relieved that he was here and that he was healthy. they immediately put him on my chest and i got to hold him and look at him. it was so amazing! ben kissed me and then sam and then they took him across the room to weigh him and clean him up. it was hard to not be able to see them clean him up and weight/measure him. i had a lot of tearing so they were stitching me up for a while but ben kept taking pictures and then bring them over to me to show me. after they got him all cleaned up and swaddled they brought him back over to me and i got to hold him again. he was so calm and just stared at ben and i with those beautiful dark blue eyes. he was a cuddler right away and just let us love, kiss and love on him for a while. the nurses had me nurse right away and sam did so great, which was a relief. a couple hours later they moves us all into the recovery room and we got to rest for a while and enjoy our little man for the rest of the night. 

having sam was the most amazing experience of my life and i wouln't trade it for anything in the world. i would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 
we love sam more than anything and feel so blessed to have his sweet little spirit in our lives.