Wednesday, June 15, 2011

our weekend in photos plus some good news

 free chocolate milk from a carton? some say sketchy. i say awesome. 
i didn't get sick so we're good.

-good news #1:
parentals come in approximately 6 weeks for graduation. and then it's back home to fresno for a little bit!
so excited!!
i'll get to teach swimming for the tale end of the summer and spend some quality time with the family. 
it's gonna grrrreat.
except ben has to work and can't come. which is a major THUMBS DOWN. 
so this could potentially be real rough.  
-good news #2:
the mr. and i will be celebrating 6 months of wedded bliss this coming saturday. 
i never anticipated becoming one of those girls who celebrates every.single.possible milestone in a relationship.
but i have, and i'm embracing it. 
we've got a hot date planned and now the week is going by soo slow.
-good news #3: 
the fourth of july is right around the corner. 
second favorite holiday right there. 
old navy flag tee's will be purchased in the very near future. 
-good news #4:
target is rocking the shoe department right now and i scored some awesome flats this week. 
so head on over ASAP and check out the goods. 


Gentri said...

I love the 4th as well! Such a fun holiday! :D I am so not a swimmer, so I think it's awesome that you teach! I was always the girl who sat on the diving board for an hour weighing the pros and cons. Hahaha!

Fash Boulevard said...

love thses pictures. thanks for another fun post. would love if you stopped by to see my latest outfit post and celebrity trend report. xoxo

Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.!/fashboulevard

meme-and-he said...

love the pics. I think free chocolate milk is always awesome. never sketchy :) hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy your date :)

Anonymous said...

youre cute. and i miss you. and happy anniversary:)

Monica Whitney said...

Sometimes I miss that power I feel in the swimming pool. While a child is yelling at me "I WANT MY MOMMY" and I ask them, "Do you want me to hold you?" and then they suddenly stop crying. Ah, such power. Enjoy it.

ben+alex said...

i just died laughing for a solid three minutes.
i need the power again.

Brissa said...

chocolate milk from a carton. it's like the ultimate elementary school throwback. i hope it was just as delicious now as it was then!

Bri said...

congrats on the 6 month anniversary milestone! i think it's awesome that you embrace celebrating these little things because boy time sure does fly by fast! i'm celebrating my 2 year wedding anniversary this july and trust me, time flew.

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