Friday, June 10, 2011

i've caught the fever

why did i not hop on this bandwagon sooner?
who knew dancing to shakira for an hour could be so exhilarating?
i've started going twice a week with rachel and my sitster-in-law nicole. 
i'm fairly certain we have perfected our shimmee (shimmy?).
anyways, if you live in the area you have to try it.
the instructor we go to is a rockstar and so much fun.

oh hey, it's the weekend!
this week flew by.
this weekend we have plans to go to the RODEO. ha. and we are going to rigby days tomorrow with bens family. it should be a real treat. haha.mainly i'm just excited to hang with all out cutie nieces and nephews.

on another note, 
ben and i are trying to plan our trip to d.c. at the beginning of next year. 
maybe the planning is a bit premature but i'm really REALLY excited. 
so...for those of you who have been, any hotel suggestions?
 we preferably want to stay close to the heart of d.c. or close to capitol hill.
this usually tends to me expensive so does anyone one know of decent hotels that aren't too bad price-wise? any help would be greatly appreciated. 

happy weekend!

p.s. has anyone else been following the casey anthony trial?
i literally cannot stop watching. 
i may or may not be having nightmares for the next few months or so.


Kelli Warren said...

Where do you go to Zumba?

Ann said...

i've been to dc and it's so much fun. you'll enjoy it! like you, i also thought it was best to stay close to the capital, but those hotels are expensive! i'd suggest maybe looking into a hotel farther away, but one that is close to the metro. that way you can walk to the metro which will take you wherever you need to go. the metro is pretty cheap and the hotel should be too. but whatever you decide, just make sure your hotel is near the metro because taxi's are crazy expensive.

Gentri said...

My sister teaches zumba but I've never taken it! I will be taking her class when I go visit her soon though. Yay!

Megan and Justin said...

We are going to DC next month! My in-laws planned the trip so I will get our hotel info and give it to you! I think we are staying really close to the heart of it all. yay!

Diana Smith said...

How awesome! I took a Zumba class last semester and it was a lot of fun, but hard work! My instructor had SOOOO much energy, I just couldn't keep up, plus I had had a baby 5 weeks prior to that, so I think I will need to re start it again. It's nice when you have people to go with!

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