Friday, May 13, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday

after a few days of rain the sun has decided to show its face!
and i could not be more pleased. 
 it's wednesday which means...2 more days till the weekend. 
this past monday ben and i were complaining about the typical monday blues. 
but then he proceeded to convince me that monday is truly the best day. 
why you ask?
because it is the furthest amount of time until the next monday. 
we have these types of profound conversations on a daily basis.
we then listened to the musical goddess that is adele while ben expressed his desire to be a backup singer for her.
it was just great.

number one thing i am loving today?

my mom. aka clare bear.
i know this is a little late.  
my mom is truly an amazing woman and i don't know what i would do without her. 
i wish everyday that i was in fresno so i could hang out with her. 24/7.
whether she likes it or not. she would have no choice in the matter.
she's beautiful, funny, intelligent, selfless and the perfect example of everything a mother should be. 
plus she is always there when i call with cooking questions. 

-paul mitchell awapuhi styling treatment oil.
it's like super skinny 2.0
i have fine hair so i can't use super skinny because it weighs my hair down. 
but this stuff is magic. so lightweight. it's perfect. new obsession.
plus it smells like heaven.

-the beatles
we went to a beatles concert last weekend (a group from england that impersonated the beatles) and they have rekindled my love for the beatles. 
primarily this song.
and this movie. 
seriously. so. good. 
it's kinda weird. it's the 60's and everyone is on drugs. but if you can get past that you will LOVE it. 
the music is amazing.
plus it reminds me of winter semester 08 when the weather was disgusting and taylor and i would lay in bed watching this movie and eating abba zabbas, strawberry ice cream and diet coke. it was awesome.

also the beautiful ali gave me a lovely blogger award. 

you can see my facts here.
if you haven't been over to ali's blog you should do so NOW.
ali is the prime example of that quote that says true friends are those that make it easy to live the gospel. 
i met her my first semester up here and secretly wish that she still lived in rexburg. 
you will love her blog. she's hysterical, her posts are always insightful, and she constantly looks like she just stepped out of an anthro catalogue. plus we share an affinity for squeezing our husbands bums. oh yeah, she just got MARRIED! i couldn't make it to her reception so please join me in checking her blog daily until she adds wedding pictures. peer pressure:)

happy wednesday!


Bridget Fossedal said...

This is so fun! I love the old pictures -- presumably you as a kid? So very darling! And the bit about why Mondays are the best days was quite funny : ]

Swirls of Happy said...

I like Mondays for some reason, weird I know. I love "Across the Universe"!!!!! Cute post :)

Gentri said...

I want the awapuhi sea salt spray so bad! :) You and your mom are so cute! Better late than never!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

such a great post full of so many wonderful things :)!

Brittany Shae said...

Hey.. I love Awaphuii treatment oil too!!!!!!!! ;)

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