Friday, May 6, 2011

"hey, it's ok..."

has anyone ever read that section of glamour entitled, "hey, it's ok if..."
the write things like...
"her, it's ok if you're taller than your boyfriend...and you still wear heels"
{and then insert a picture of nicole kidman and keith urban}
i always get a kick out of this article.
however, i have had far too many of these moments this week. 
so i compiled my own list.

-it's ok if you drive 45 minutes just to get a churro from sam's club. seriously thought about this one. then guilt found me. so i didn't go. but am i planning a trip to idaho falls solely around the fact that i want a churro? yes, yes i am.
-it's ok to google how to make scrambled eggs. true story. i don't really like my eggs scrambled, but i was making breakfast for ben before he left for work and realized that i legitimately did not know hot to make scrambled eggs. this may have been a low for me.
-hey, it's ok to drink two 44oz diet cokes in one day. well, it's actually not ok. but i did it anyways. i've fallen off the bandwagon.
-it's ok if your husband almost catches you practicing your princess wave in the bathroom mirror. no comment.
-it's ok to spend a full hour at work printing coupons after watching TLC's extreme couponing. i have no shame.  
-it's ok to jump at the chance to walk to the park and lay on the grass just because it's the first time the sun has shown it's face. nevermind the fact that it's still only 55 degrees and windy.
-it's ok to wear virtually the same outfit two days in a row. my reasoning? i have different classes on tuesdays and wednesdays. therefore i won't see the same people.   

welp. as you can tell it's been a great week.
seriously though, it really has. 
but ben and i are so ready for the weekend. 
happy friday!

 p.s. can someone teach me how to sew so i can make THIS?

 perfect way to spruce up an old cardigan. or a new one.


Nicole said...

haha! I love it Alex!

andy & lo said...

Hahaha I especially love the outfit comment one!
I do that all the time.
It's just a little awkard when you see someone that you saw the day before but werent expecting to see on outfit round 2

Andrea Neudorf said...

Love all the "it's ok if" especially the coupon one, I am the same way, watch t.v, get inspired, then try to do the same thing! haha:)

Brissa said...

yep yep. i do the exact same thing with my outfits too. it's such an easy solution because that way i have to pick fewer outfits for the week and i save on laundry!

Natalie said...

Yes finally the sunshine has made an appearance! All the cashiers are going to hate that exteme couponing show LOL! Happy Friday!

Jamie Bullock said...

i must hear about the practicing the princess wave story. sounds hilarious.

AllyM said...

you are hilarious. the princess wave kills me. ahahaha your the best. i miss you everyday.

Jenna said...

This is hilarious!! I have made long trips based around minor things such as a Lush bath bomb, for example. And I have become quite obsessed with practicing my princess wave.

kira said...

This is so funny. And, a really good churro isn't easy to find!

Becca said...

i love the hey it’s ok! section in glamour, just got my copy this month and can’t wait to go read it! hahaha i want a churro now.

Gentri said...

hahahaha! Laughing so hard! Love it so much! :) Tatertots and jello has a BUNCH of cardigan makeovers! You should check it out! Thank you so much for entering my giveaway!! Made me so happy! New follower! Can't wait to read more.

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