Sunday, April 17, 2011

something to think about.

"Don't water down your worth. Anyone who asks you to apologize for having high standards clearly doesn't meet them."

i realize that this photo has no correlation with the quote. but i just love it.


miss lex: said...

cute quote. cute picture. cute blog. :)

AllyM said...

love you

Andrea Neudorf said...

Love the quote! Its so sad when people think you are self- righteous and so on when you actually have some standards! Bugging.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister! Another wonderful and inspiring verse! Hope you had a beautiful weekend sweet girl =)

Our Little Bubble said...

I love that quote!! might steel that one sometime :) I have been finding myself apologizing to family members that bring our kids junk food and candy. I apologies for the fact that I am trying my hardest to teach them healthy eating habits and not to over do sugars.. etc. I'v decided not to be sorry about it anymore :) thank you for this post!

love your blog too! new follower :)


TheStrawberryFields said...

Perfect quote i need to remember that :)

mandyface said...

lovely quote + charming pic = i totes heart your blog lady.

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