Saturday, April 9, 2011

i love this

12 things to put you in an INSTANT good mood

-exercise: we've all heard it. this number ONE tip experts give for boosting your plus it gives you more energy. ben and i have been trying to go to the gym together daily and we get at least another hour out of our day.
-eat breakfast: it will prevent grumpiness and help you perform.
-speak up: being assertive enhances self confidence and shuts down feelings of helplessness.
-focus on making memories: researchers found that 57% of people reported they were happier when they spent money on an experience. 
-go outside: just five minutes of walking in the great outdoors has beneficial effects. i need it to be summer so we can go on BIKE RIDES.
-hug it out: it is critical that we have some sort of physical affection in your life.
-face your challenges: who would have thought? actually doing the things on your to-do list is beneficial. the more you put things off, the more anxious you are. no bueno.
-say something nice: compliment people! and do it a lot.
-be grateful: have an attitude of gratitude. and make sure that you write things down that you are grateful for.
-savor your snapshots: take the time to look at those photos you have on your refrigerator and taped to your computer.
-less white stuff: sugar and flour can lead to an energy and mood crash.
-remember to laugh: tell jokes, laugh at jokes, and laugh at yourself. 


Brissa said...

thanks for the comment and follow!
your blog is adorable and i agree, summer bike rides are the best!

Becca said...

love these, even when somedays we need to do everything on that list to cheer up! haha thanks for sharing lady.

Emily said...

Such a sweet blog. :)
I agree, less white stuff makes me smile. So does going outside.

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

great reminders!!

btw, love your clean and uncluttered :-)

kira said...

Great advice! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yours is really fun, too!

kenzie said...

perfect. perfect.
and so true.
thank you.


HettyA said...

I have to agree going out side and exercising is probably one of the main things that makes me happy. Not to mention making memories is always something you can look back on that will make you smile :)

Abby said...

love this! I need to remember these things :) xoxo

Ash said...

I'm all about thins kind of stuff. Love it. and Love your'e cute blog! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on mine :)

The Powder Room

Anonymous said...

I love this! I think I may borrow it from ya <3

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