Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ellie 5 Months


You are getting more and more personality by the day! You seriously bring such joy into our home and I cannot imagine life without you. You seem to always be smiling. You haven't quite let out a big belly laugh yet, but you are so close! You talk and talk all day long and recognize mom, dad and Sam and light up when you see each of us. The huge grin that spreads across your face when you see mom seriously does the heart good…I can't get enough of it! Your cheeks are my favorite part of your body. I could kiss them all day long (and I do!). 
You now roll both ways and love to stand up on our lap. You prefer to be held when you are awake which makes getting things done around the house difficult but I don't mind. I know that before I know it we'll be at your first birthday so I am trying to savor everyday with you as my baby.
You have each of us wrapped around your chubby little finger, including your brother! He absolutely adores you and it is my favorite thing to watch. The love you two already have for each other is the sweetest. He loves to help out and is the first to run and grab and diaper and wipes when you need to be changed or get a toy when you are sad. He always seems to know exactly when you need when you need to be cheered up. According to him, your stuffed monkey and dolly are your favorite toys. 
You had your first taste of oatmeal this month and seemed to enjoy it, although you couldn't quite get the hang of spoon feeding. We'll continue to work on that though! You want absolutely nothing to do with a bottle or a pacifier but you are still nursing great and I am thrilled. I had such a hard time with Sam but nursing you has been a breeze and I have loved it! It's our special one on one time. You do great in the car which has been a lifesaver. You fight the carseat at first, but as soon as I get you in the car and start driving you either settle right now or fall asleep. You sleep great through the night (8:30-7:45) and I am so grateful! 
You have officially discovered you toes and it is the cutest! You love to grab your toes while you're laying on your back and pull you socks off. It has been warming up a little bit so I have been loving keeping you in just a onesie while we are inside with easy access to those delicious thighs of yours. 
You really are a dream baby and bring so much happiness to everyone around you. I can't adequately describe how much you are loves by everyone around you. We love you, Ellie girl. 


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