Wednesday, January 22, 2014

15 months

sam at 15 months:

- loves his daddy! there are certain times where he only wants his mama, but overall the relationship between sam and ben is something special. i love watching those two interact. they get each other and as soon as sam hears the door open at 6 o'clock each night he can't get into ben's arms quick enough!
-loves to facetime with grandma and papa! he even has started to say "papa" and is so close to saying "gamma". just has to figure out how to say those darn g's.
-loves his cousins! i feel so comfortable leaving his for a couple hours at our relatives because he LOVES playing with his cousins. and they love him! 
-he has a new love for sweeping the floor. i need to find a little miniature broom for him. he will drag our broom around and around the kitchen. 
-still cuddles with mom when he's ready for bed. 
- has mastered the stairs. it's pretty cute to watch him slide down the stairs on his belly. 
-can show you where his nose, ears, mouth, belly and feet are. one of his favorite activities is pointing out each part of the face on mom or dad. he can say most of them too :)
-his favorite food would probably be bananas! or "nana's" as he calls them :)
- starts dancing the second he hears music! i die every single time. he loves to dance!
-learned how to do a somersault! and i have to say, he actually has pretty good form. he now does somersaults all around the house, i usually just give his bum a little push in the right direction so he doesn't face plant! but as soon as he bends over and puts his head on the ground i know he's wanting to do a few flips. it's hilarious. 
-loves to build things with the blocks at grandma's house! he may have a few sets coming his way for Christmas ;)
-loves to share! which just makes me heart happy. he will gladly hand over his toys or snacks to other kids at church. 
- is still sleeping great! and still weighs just over 19.5 lbs. 

nothing brings me greater joy than being this little boys mom! 


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