Monday, May 21, 2012


a few weeks back ben and i met up with my family in southern california for a little disneyland adventure. 
seriously, that place  will never get old. never. 
it was so good to see my family and to introduce ben to the magic that is disney.
he hadn't been since he was 5 and his only memory of disneyland was crying on the teacups. 
naturally, we had to change that.
also, because i'm pregnant i couldn't ride some of the best rides. so i ate my weight in disneyland churros instead. it was fantastic:)
we forgot our camera so thank you mr. iphone for capturing our vacation...
ps. my mom was with us too. but somehow i have no photographic evidence of this. 

happy monday!


Kira said...

I'm so jealous, I love Disneyland! Both my pregnant sister and my pregnant sister-in-law both recently went to Disneyland. One was told by her doctor that she could go on whatever rides she wants as long as she drinks enough water and the other was given a list of rides to avoid. It's so funny how different doctors are!

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