Monday, January 2, 2012

update via instagram

i thought i posted this post weeks ago but just found it sitting in my drafts. 
oh well. better late than never. and since it is a bit late i have added a few christmas pics from my phone. 
therefore, chronologically, this post wont make much sense. 

we've been gearing up for christmas recently...
i've stocked up on fall candles and all the christmas scentsy scents. 
{i managed to score 80 dollars worth of bath and body candles for 30. best 30 dollars i've ever spent}
we've watched elf at least 4 times and our tree has been up for almost a month. 
it's so pretty. 

we just have to make it through this week then miss samantha is coming to stay for a few days then we are all piling into the car and making the drive to california for christmas!

other than that things have been fairly busy around here. 
ben and i have both been working, ben has started studying for the gmat (which will be taking a lot of his time. boo.) and we have been busy trying to get our christmas shopping dunzo.

here are a few pictures of life lately.

* (1) nutella cupcakes, (2) flowers and peeps (the key to any girls heart), (3) me n' stans,  (4) cousin bonding time,  (5&6) babysitting the kiddos, (7) first snow, (8) ward turkey bowl, (9,10,11,12) enjoying christmas, (13&14) samantha visiting, (15) keeping it classy for christmas eve dinner, (16) passed out after opening presents, (17&18) temple square, (19&20) gav trying to be like his uncle benny.

ps. thanksgiving was amazing. 
so much, in fact, that i forgot to document it. 
sore subject. 
but we spent this year with the webb family.
we ate ourselves into a food coma, played lots of games, and enjoyed the company of family and friends all day. 
even though i did not capture any pictures i did manage to document this...
i like to call this the thanksgiving rumble.

we hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday season and the opportunity that it provides to reflect on what we are most grateful for:)


Stephanie and Such said...

Alex, I love the pinecones on the string! Stealing that idea for next year :)

And nutella cupcakes? Pure bliss. Yum.

Anonymous said...

i am outrageously jealous of your fireplace. red brick? white mantle? hello perfect. i need more pictures of your home please! so glad to see you back here in blog land. i miss you!

diaries of a redhead said...

glad to see a photograph of the bunion. oh how ive missed it.

The Thomas' said...

Post more things NOW!!!! hate to be pushy, but you have got to give a girl her fix:)

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